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Macquarie University Engineering Society

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The Macquarie University Engineering Society (MQES) is a brand new innovative and exciting organisation for engineering students.

MQES has been formed based on a perceived need for a higher level of student investment in Engineering activities, for self-directed learning, and for student level professional development.

MQES intends to contribute to Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) sessions and organise academic workshops in order to help improve the academic performance of students, improve student retention and completion rates, and increase communication between the various year groups through inter-society networking. Additionally in the medium term it is intended to facilitate extra curricular design projects, practical skill building workshops, and professional development programs.
 The long term the goal of MQES is to create a student community that helps students develop practical skills, improve academic performance through PAL and workshops, and foster professional skills that will help students secure internships and graduate jobs.
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MQES Announcments

Annual General Meeting

Please fill out the online nomination form to put yourself forward as a candidate [ HERE ] (all member nominations welcome).

BTW, here is a bit more info on what will be in our AGM

WE WANT YOU! ... Now is the time to make yourself known. Would you like to take on a role in the society to help or lead in areas like social activities, peer assisted learning activities, or even take up the challenge of organising a few workshops?

Nominations are now open for The executive and general committee members (who take one these organisational roles and other exciting stuff). The form will close on Sunday March 17th.